Why Trust Your Car to Dutch?

Have you ever wished that you had someplace to take your car where you didn’t feel like a deer in some hunter’s sights?  A place where you trusted your mechanic to give you the straight dope about what’s wrong with your car and what it will take to fix it?  A mechanic that doesn’t leave you feeling afterwards that you had somehow been taken?

Face it, you either don’t know Jack about fixing cars, or you do but haven’t the place nor the skills to do it.  Right?  Well Dutch’s Auto is your next-door neighbor who has both the skills and facilities to do it, and without slipping in extra costs or doing unnecessary work.  Imagine that: Your own personal honest mechanic!

Nan Mortensen is a is a longtime Madison resident with deep roots into the community.  She is a super auto mechanic with umteen years of experience repairing and maintaining autos and trucks, including  fleet management experience.  Dedicated to superior service and satisfied customers, you and your car can feel assured that you are in good hands!

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